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As REI, we believe that it’s in the wild, untamed and natural places that we find our best selves, so it's in our hands to take care of annoying mosquito bites in order to have a lifelong love of the outdoors.

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As a rule, people leave a review when they are either disappointed or delighted. To date, heat it™ has been rated over 10,000 times with an average of 4.7 stars. We are especially proud of our strong community and thank them for their support! To the reviews on Amazon.

  • 4.7 rating in Europe

  • +10,000 reviews

  • +250,000 units sold

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Treat itchy insect bites from

  • Horseflies

  • Bees & Wasps

  • Mosquitoes

  • Individual treatment

    according to your

    skin's sensitivity

  • Bergsteiger behandelt am Gipfel einen Insektenstich während einer Wanderung

    Your ideal companion

    for everyday life,

    travel or sports

  • Der heat it ist auch für Kinder geeignet, ideal für den Familienurlaub am Meer

    Perfect also for children

    from 4 years

    (self-use from 12 years)

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    Made in Germany

    Guaranteed high

    quality technology

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