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heat it®
Insect bite healer

heat it® is a medical device for the relief of itching and pain caused by insect bites. By applying heat, itchy bites can be quickly and easily relieved using your smartphone.

Five good reasons

heat it® can be used for insect bites caused by mosquitoes, horseflies, bees and wasps. Just heat it!


Please check whether your smartphone is compatible with the heat it®. The corresponding heat it® app is available free of charge at Google Play and at the Apple App Store.

Quality promise

As a medical device, heat it® meets the highest standards. Our quality management is TÜV Süd certified. Your smartphone and its battery are optimally protected thanks to a sophisticated security concept.

Your ideal companion

Summer, sun, mosquito bites

Summertime means mosquito season. Turn your smartphone into a little wonder weapon and don't let yourself be bothered by itchy insect bites. And best of all: heat it® is always on your key ring. Just heat it!

Proven principle

Why mosquito bites itch?

Itching is the body's reaction to the mosquito saliva injected during the bite. Our immune system fights back by releasing histamine. As a result, the blood vessels dilate, the bite swells and begins to itch. Heat treatment of the bite causes various endogenous reactions that can relieve itching and pain.

Give an itch free summer

A unique present

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for a birthday or another occasion? With heat it® you can create a special surprise. It's obvious, who wouldn't love an itch-free summer as a gift?

Product Specs

Connection type

- Android (USB-C)
- iPhone 6s bis 14 (Lightning)
- iPhone 15 & Android (USB-C)

Weight and size

4 grams / 37,4 x 17,5 x 8,5 mm

Production place

Karlsruhe, Germany

The heat it® app

The free and intuitively designed heat it® app is the central element for using heat it®. The innovative pairing between the insect bite healer and the smartphone has already convinced more than 500,000 users, who together have carried out more than 20 million treatments. So you're in the best hands.

Customer Reviews

Based on 292 reviews
Würde ich jeder Zeit weiter empfehlen.

Immer gerne wieder. Super Service, hervorragende Lieferung auch ins Ausland und wie immer, sehr gute Qualität.

Christa B.

heat it® classic Stichheiler

Hans-Jürgen D.
Effektive Hilfe bei Insektenstichen

Heat it ist kleiner als ein USB-Stick und immer dabei. Kinderleichte Bedienung mit dem Smartphone. Sofortiger Wirkungseintritt.

Es gibt nichts besseres!

Seit über 4 Jahren ist mein Heat it in der Familie in Benutzung und auch meine Kinder benutzen den Adapter selbständig, da nichts so gut hilft, wie Heat it. Die Kinder-Einstellung ist super!
Ich habe mittlerweile zwei weitere Adapter gekauft und an verschiedenen Stellen im Haus deponiert nebst dem Adapter in der Handtasche, der immer dabei ist.

Daumen hoch

Funktioniert super

Sehr variabel einstellbar

Toll finde ich die vielen Einstellmöglichkeiten für empfindliche Personen.
Mir allerdings ist die Dauer der stärksten Einstellung zu kurz. Damit eine ausreichende Wirkung eintritt, muss ich diese zweimal hintereinander laufen lassen. Erst dann bereiten die Stiche keine Probleme mehr.